Annual Meeting of the Society of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology in Chile

MELISA Institute researchers attended the XLII Annual Meeting of the Sociedad de Bioquímica y Biología Molecular de Chile (SBBMCh) together with the XIV Annual Meeting of the Sociedad de Biología Vegetal de Chile (CSPB) from October 8th to 11th at the Hotel Gavina Sens de Iquique. , Our team was headed by the medical deputy director Dr. Cristián Vargas and the research deputy director Mauricio Hernández, together with associated young researchers Francisco Álvarez, Pablo Saldivia, both biochemists and Guillermo Nourdin, Bioinformatician.
The researchers submitted four papers, two as speakers and two papers in the form of scientific posters. The speaking engagement was called “Core proteome of cervico-vaginal fluid of healthy Chilean women at fertile age”. The first speech was delivered by the Head of Proteogenomics Division, Mauricio Hernández and the subsequent speech titled; “A proteogenomics approach to construct a reference proteome for saliva in Chilean women” was submitted by the affiliated young researcher, Guillermo Nourdin.

The expositions were very well received by attendees. This was evident by the great number of people attending the sessions and visiting the exhibited scientific posters.
MELISA Institute also announced its proteogenomic platform and services area. Scientists from various sectors, were invited to visit the centre in order to establish collaborative links, as well as the sale of mass spectrometry and bioinformatics services to provide scientific support for their research.