Research Areas / Genomics and Next-Gen Sequencing








In recent years, the speed and power within the latest generation (Next-Generation Sequencing), has propelled genomic research without precedent, increasing the possibilities of studying DNA in ways never seen before.

The complex questions that arise from genomic research, require technologies capable of processing DNA and RNA in great quantities. That is why at MELISA Institute we work with the ultimate techniques in molecular sequencing (Next-Generation Sequencing), opening our research capabilities into very detailed and specific regions of the human genome, as well as giving new opportunities to detect non-frequent variants or disease related anomalies.

This approach to disease enables a wide range of applications, from DNA and RNA research, to studying the complete human genome consisting of three billion pair bases in areas such as:

  • Ultra-early Pregnancy Biomarkers
  • Embryonic and Fetal Medicine
  • Women cancer genomics

    This work is oriented to develop early diagnosis and treatment options in a short time span, to benefit directly and promptly patients.