On August 19, Magdalena, daughter of Paulina and Francisco, was born. Paulina is a nutritionist and her husband is a vet. A few months ago, they came to our Institution seeking pregnancy.

Wendy, our matron, received them. She and a group of professionals were in charge of welcoming interested women who had heard about the program that MELISA develops in areas such as this one.

Based on their interest and generating a trusting environment, the consent of both parties was obtained as a result of the procedures being carried out in a transparent and detailed manner. Physical examinations and ultrasounds were carried out after information was provided on the protocol, the working methods of the clinical team and the benefits of being part of the protocol. This is how Paulina participated in the program “Preconceptional cohort and repository of women’s samples for the study of molecular pregnancy markers and its outcome” developed by MELISA thanks to FISAR sponsorship. After three months, the long awaited news arrived. She was pregnant.

The San Ramón Research Foundation aims to promote solutions in areas such as maternal-fetal health, reproductive health, prenatal and pediatric genetic diagnosis, embryonic and fetal therapy, through the sponsorship of advanced biomedical research.

We are proud to celebrate the 20th birth of patients using our program.

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