This is to let you know of the proposal of scientific support that MELISA Institute offers from its new platform on mass spectrometry and proteomics.

MELISA Institute is a private biomedical research center located in Concepción, Chile. It provides a platform that is integrated by a timsTOF Pro mass spectrometer coupled with a nano HPLC (BRUKER Daltonics).

This chromatographic platform allows for the purification of AKTA Avant 25 proteins and a DirectDetect infrared protein quantification system. Furthermore, in the bioinformatics area, we have a high-capacity analysis server and multiple software specialized in protein studies. This platform is able to massively identify proteins in solution or in gel, through the methods of: Bottom-up proteomics, label free quantification and new sequencing of purified proteins. These provide the ability to increase the spectrum of analysis in the various lines of research.

Until now, research centers requiring these kind of services in Chile had to send their samples to other countries. This involved high transportation costs and the evident risk of loss or degradation.

With this new scientific support offered by MELISA Institute you will be able to avoid these inconveniences and interact in a personalized way with our scientific team. Our headquarters in Concepción significantly reduces shipping costs and the professionalism of our experts guarantees the quality of all proteomic and bioinformatics analysis.


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