It provides a platform that is integrated by a timsTOF Pro mass spectrometer coupled with a nano HPLC (BRUKER Daltonics). This chromatographic platform allows for the purification of AKTA Avant 25 proteins and a DirectDetect infrared protein quantification system. Furthermore, in the bioinformatics area, we have a high-capacity analysis server and multiple software specialized in protein studies.


MELISA is a Biotechnology Center researching maternal and fetal health ultra-early biomarkers and developing prenatal therapy for Trisomy 21. Founded in 2011 by academics led by the vision of Dr Elard Koch, an experienced and awarded epidemiologist with a prolific scientific career.

The Institute is currently running a number of research programs in three major areas relevant for Human Life Sciences: Epidemiology & Public Health, Human Reproduction & Biomarkers, and Prenatal Medicine.



Since 2019, the platform MELISA PROTEOMICS & GENOMICS was incorporated to provide some technology services for external researchers such as mass spectrometry, proteomics, transcriptomics and bioinformatics.