Public Health – Impact of education, income and chronic disease risk factors on mortality of adults: does ‘a pauper-rich paradox’ exist in Latin American societies?


“In  this  prospective  cohort  study  conducted  in  a  middle-income  Latin  American country,  the  protective  effect  of education   was   not   related   to   income,   and   it   was   not completely explained by the effects of adverse biological and behavioural chronic  disease  risk  factors  detected  in  adult life  and  consistently  associated  with all-cause  mortality.”

Koch, E., Romero, T., Romero, C., Akel, C., Manríquez, L., Paredes, M., Roman, C., Taylor, A., Vargas, M., Kirschbaum, A. (2010).

Public Health, 124(1), 39-48.

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