Our Team

Francisco Álvarez

Profession: Biochemist

Institution: Universidad de Concepción

Functions and interests: Development of Biomarkers related to Mother-Child communication, cell cultures, nucleic acid extraction and Next Generation Sequencing.


E-mail: falvarez@melisainstitute.org

Research Fellow Proteogenomics

Guillermo Nourdin

Profession: Bioinformatics Engineer

Institution: Universidad de Talca

Functions and interests: Analysis and organization of proteomic and genomic data of fluids and human tissues through bioinformatics techniques.


E-mail: gnourdin@melisainstitute.org

Research Fellow Bioinformatics

Pablo Saldivia

Profession: Biochemist

Institution: Universidad Austral de Chile

Functions and interests: Development of Biomarkers related to Mother-Child communication, high-performance proteomic analysis of human fluids, nucleic acid extraction and Next Generation Sequencing.


E-mail: psaldivia@melisainstitute.org

Research Fellow Proteogenomics

Estefanía Contreras

Profession: Laboratory Technician and Blood Bank

Institution: Instituto Profesional Virginio Gómez

Functions and interests: Sample handling and processing (maternal fluids).


E-mail: econtreras@melisainstitute.org

Laboratory Technician

Miguel Bravo

Profession: Kinesiologist

Institution: Universidad de Chile

Functions and interests: Co-researcher in the area of Maternal Health; search, collection and creation of analytical and epidemiological databases


E-mail: mbravo@melisainstitute.org

Research Fellow Epidemiology

Wendy Garin

Profession:  Matron, Licensed in Obstetrics and Childcare

Institution: Universidad de Concepción

Functions and interests: Clinical Sampling, patient education, entry of clinical information to databases, monitoring of protocol participants.


E-mail: wgarin@melisainstitute.org

Clinical Trial Monitor

Juan F. Stecher

Profession: Doctor Specializing in Gynecology and Obstetrics

Institution: Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción- Specialty:  Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Functions and interests: Clinical protocol, down syndrome therapy coordinator, TRIC team researcher


E-mail: jstecher@melisainstitute.org

Clinical Research

Roxana Abarzúa

Profession: Nurse technician

Institution: INACAP

Functions and interests: Recruitment team, clinical sampling.


E-mail: rabarzua@melisainstitute.org

Clinical Trial Monitor

María Elena Critto

Profession: Sociologist

Institution: Universidad del Salvador, Argentina. 

Functions and interests: Social Epidemiology


E-mail: mcritto@melisainsitute.org

Research Associate Social Epidemiology

Sebastián Haddad

Profession: MD, MSB.

Institution: Universidad Anahuac. Medical clerkship at The University of Miami School of Medicine – Jackson Health System.

Functions and interests: Medical and basic research, translational medicine and research databases.

 E-mail: shaddad@melisainstitute.org

Medical Research

Cristian Parraguez

Profession: Accountant Auditor

Institution: Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana

Functions and interests: Accounting, administrative and tax advice from MELISA Institute


E-mail: cparraguez@melisainstitute.org

Financial Accounting

Vicente Rampoldi

Profession: Lawyer

Institution: Universidad de Chile

Functions and interests: Issuance, formalization and execution of quotes and purchase orders, payment providers, among other functions.


E-mail: vrampoldi@melisainstitute.org

Legal Department

Felipe Cea

Profession: Journalist

Institution: Universidad Nebrija

Functions and interests: Content manager, social media manager and communications consultant.


E-mail: fcea@melisainstitute.org

Public Information Officer


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