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Epidemiology & Public Health

Evidence-based Public Policy

¿How can research generate evidence-based public policy and change a woman's life?

Quechua Indigenous Women

One of MELISA Institute's projects has been to assess the most important determinants of maternal mortality in different Latin American countries and their relationship to abortion laws. In Mexico, extensive research was carried out in this area, which led to some evidence-based proposals to improve women's health and reduce maternal mortality in different states of Mexico.


1. Study

Through natural experiments that study reality as it is presented without being able to manipulate the elements that form it.

2. Publishing

Publications are made in scientific and academic journals that are subject to peer review and allow for effective communication of a finding to the academic community.

3. Dialogue

Through illustrated publications (booklet), conferences and interviews, we establish a dialogue with different actors and opinion makers in a less technical language that favors the understanding of scientific data and texts.

4. Generate

We support the creation of programs that are based on scientific evidence, avoiding ideological biases.

5. Impact

We encourage the community to have better access to the health, education or social systems than to achieve a better well-being.

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