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Bioinformatics as a multidisciplinary science combines computing, statistics and life sciences to develop algorithms and software tools to extract and interpret large biological data, generated by new high-performance technologies. Bioinformatics is a powerful tool and can help the biologists to increase the understanding of biological processes with computationally intensive techniques, for pattern recognition, data mining, machine learning algorithms, and visualization.


Major current research efforts include: DNA / RNA / protein sequencing, biological sequence alignment, gene and biomarker identification, whole genome assembly, design and drug discovery, prediction of protein structure, prediction of gene expression and protein interactions, genome-wide association studies, among other applications in biological field.


In MELISA Institute we have dedicated ourselves to optimizing our analysis platform, mounting specialized softwares on a robust analysis server to provide a reliable and reproducible bioinformatic analysis.


Our services:

  • Functional annotation and enrichment analysis

  • Network analysis

  • Pathway analysis

  • Proteomics analysis of PTMs

  • Protein sequence analysis

  • Customized services

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