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Core Facility Workflow

Each of the services offered in the MELISA Institute's Core Facility is guided by a workflow composed of 5 stages: request for quotation, sample analysis, data analysis, presentation of results, and delivery of the results report.

Request for quotation

Step 2: sample analysis

After confirming its execution and after receiving your samples, we analyze them in our laboratory made up of highly trained professionals and equipped by the best technology in the areas of genomics, proteomics, chromatography and bioinformatics.

Bioinformatic analysis

Step 4: results presentation

In order to solve all your doubts, explain the details of the execution of your project and give you the results obtained, we made a presentation as a prelude to the final report.

Delivery of final report

Step 1: request for quotation

As a first step, we receive your query or request for a quote. After this, we will contact you as soon as possible to give you all the necessary information on execution times, what the service will consist of, requirements for its development and associated costs.

Sample analysis

Step 3: bioinformatic analysis

Once the samples have been analyzed, we carry out bioinformatic analyzes using databases required by the researcher, to obtain in a finished way all the data and information required and requested at the beginning of the project.

Results presentation

Step 5: delivery of final report

Once the project is finished, we deliver the results to you through a clear and intelligible report. Likewise, we include raw data prior to its corresponding analysis, so that the researcher has the necessary information to carry out new analyzes if needed.

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