The MELISA Institute


MELISA Institute a private center for biomedical research focused in cutting edge research in epidemiology, molecular biology and genomics aiming to advance comprehensive solutions for maternal, fetal and embryonic health.

MELISA Institute is the result of an academic initiative that brings together standard epidemiological research methods with advanced laboratory techniques.

MELISA is an acronym that stands for Molecular Epidemiology for LIfe Science ReseArch


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To develop novel technologies aimed to detect the embryo during early stages of pregnancy through ultra-early pregnancy diagnostic markers useful to identify diseases during pregnancy and prenatal diagnosis, to develop in utero noninvasive therapeutic options for Trisomy 21…

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At the MELISA Institute, our expert team of Molecular Epidemiology scientists, work continuously studying and analyzing the causes and effects of the diseases that impact women, especially during pregnancy.

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At the MELISA Institute we work on the development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic tools for the early detection and treatment of diseases during pregnancy, as well as therapeutic options that improve or restore maternal, embryonic and fetal health.

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